Public Records and San Diego Unified

This article in the Voice of San Diego hit close to home. Since September ReopenSDUSD has made numerous public records requests with San Diego Unified School District to be told turn around time is 8-12 weeks. It’s so hard to get documents that the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists actually awarded the district “The Wall” award.

In a recent example, we are still waiting for a simple pre-made computer report that we requested February 9th. All they need to do is hit print. The report is from the District’s Illuminate system. It was sent to all school sites in January to tell them which students qualified for Phase One In-Person Learning. With this information, and a quick look at how many students were actually attending Phase 1, we would know how many kids were left behind.

As of March 30th, 2021 we still have not received the report, despite circling back to the district when we first published this on March 23rd.

Considering that the government just funneled more than half a billion dollars in relief funding to San Diego Unified we would like to see them use some of the 10% hold back for reporting to hire contract staff to quickly process Public Records Requests. We are pretty sure, given our history with San Diego Unified, that the only way we will learn where this money goes is through public records.