Who is Negotiating on Behalf of Our Children?

Update March 12, 2021: Looks like this contract for Covid-19 Leave just got approved.

Teachers can get 80 hours of COVID leave prior to utilizing their own personal leave balances between now and June 30, 2021 to “care for children due to school closure/childcare closure.”

It also provides “up to five (5) days of this COVID leave may be utilized by unit members experiencing side effects related to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Again, who is negotiating for our children?

We already saw the latest Coronavirus Aid Bill pays federal employees with kids out of school up to $21k to stay home and facilitate distance learning.

We can’t help feeling that someone is pranking us.

Despite all these union contracts, only 3000 students are back on-site.

Most districts did a single contract which incorporated all phases anticipated for the school year. The San Diego Unified School District is negotiating Phase by Phase.

There is no Phase 2 agreement.

They were never ready to open in January.

They won’t be ready to go this week when K-6 can officially open per CDPH guidelines.

Enough is enough.

Contracts Currently Being Bargained: School Nurse Staffing,  Teacher Mixed Rosters, Health and Safety Conditions, Teacher Accommodations and Leaves, Elementary Preparation Time