It’s Time to Open Labor Negotiations to Public Stakeholders – Parents!

Sounds like the San Diego Education Association is voting on these proposals for Elementary Phase 2. All choices are only 2 days per week and depending on the vote the day will be 2, 3 or 4 hours. After 365 days this is all they are offering. When will families be brought into this process? San Diego Unified School District why is your initial proposal only 2-3 hour days? Why haven’t you shared this with the public?

Pursuant to the Education Employment Relations Act, all initial proposals of any contract negotiations between an employee group (such as SDEA) and the school district shall be presented at a public meeting of the board of education. Gov. Code § 3547(a) (“All initial proposals of exclusive representatives and of public school employees … shall be presented at a public meeting of the public school employer and thereafter shall be public records.”

Additionally, San Diego Unified’s Board Bylaws Section 1031.D reads An initial proposal made by the District or the exclusive representative shall be made only in public meetings of the Board of Education.” It also says the proposal will be posted and disseminated to the public (1031.B) for viewing and comment.

Here are the Proposals.

This did not go over well with are parents:

Enough is enough. Any outsider would look at a situation where a committee (The SDUSD Board of Education) is negotiating with the very people who paid ($459,927) for them to be on the committee and call it dysfunctional, at best.

The stakeholders, the students, have no union, no PAC, no ability to organize. They are lucky if they even have an allowance. As parents, we MUST be their voice. We MUST organize and unify. We must untangle this dysfunction that has held our students hostage for a full year. If not parents, who else will negotiate on behalf of our children?