San Diego Education Community Coalition Calls for Comprehensive Search for San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Replacement

The selection of a new Superintendent will affect every student at San Diego Unified for years to come. Seven years ago, the Board made this decision overnight, behind closed doors and without community input. Please ensure that stakeholder voices are heard this time. Forward this to every SDUSD parent you know and encourage them to call in to the Board Meeting on January 26th. We’ll send out instructions about how to register for the zoom and ways to make anonymous comment if you prefer. Just please comment! It’s too important not to. Sent to media today:


Parents for Quality Education & ReopenSDUSD

San Diego, CA, January 23, 2021

A coalition of educators, parents, and community groups have come together to implore the San Diego Unified School District Board to conduct an open search for the SDUSD Superintendent replacement with community involvement. 

Given the unprecedented circumstances, significant challenges, and the need to rebuild trust through transparent engagement with parent groups and the community, SDUSD Superintendent’s selection demands a new strategy and collaborative approach that includes community involvement in selecting a new Superintendent.    

The San Diego Education Community Coalition, composed of community and education professionals representing the five San Diego Unified School Sub-districts, has identified the following essential criteria in selecting a replacement Superintendent:

1) Public Outreach:  Enlistment of an independent, outside professional firm specializing in public outreach to conduct input from the community (parent, educator, business, community groups) to outline broad and specific needs that address the academic, financial, and community-engagement needs of the community that have diminished student achievement and safety. Feedback is to be presented in a public forum to the SDUSD Board. 

2) Search Firm:  Hire a reputable, outside professional search firm that will identify applicants’ criteria and qualifications and conduct a comprehensive local and national confidential candidate search that identifies viable candidates for final selection. The final selection of a replacement Superintendent will include community buy-in.

3) Search Timeline: SDUSD to present a timeline for the search process from the search’s commencement to the new Superintendent’s proposed installation.  

The new Superintendent must demonstrate creative, innovative, forward-thinking strategies that will address the pre-existing opportunity and academic achievement gaps that disproportionately affect San Diego Unified’s students of color. The new Superintendent must also provide a blueprint to repair the disadvantages currently experienced by English-learners and special-needs students who have inordinately suffered from school closures and budget cuts. 

CALL TO ACTION:  The San Diego Education Community Coalition calls for the business community, civic groups, elected officials, parents, and the community as a whole in SDUSD to join us in this effort.