ReopenSDUSD Urges California Leaders to Counter Districts Misleading Parents About the Safe Schools for All Plan

DATE: January 7, 2021

TO: Superintendent Marten (SDUSD), Dr. Pan (CDPH), Ms. Barndollar, (SDUSD), Mr, Mueller (SDCOE), Mr. Johnston (SD County), Ms. Gordon (SD County)

In a Jan 6th Union Tribune article about the Governor’s Safe Schools for All Plan, SDEA President Kisha Borden is quoted saying “Under Newsom’s plan districts in higher-income communities where Covid-19 rates are low can reopen…. meanwhile districts such as San Diego Unified would potentially remain closed.” 

The Safe Schools for All Plan is a County-wide plan. Ms. Borden’s statement is highly misleading. We are hearing the same narrative echoed by school administrators. We ask that the San Diego County, SDUSD, SDCOE and the CDPH make a public clarification of this statement. 

The situation SDEA is concerned with is already here, yet there is no urgency from SDEA nor SDUSD to fix it. Right now in San Diego County, schools with 50% plus minority populations and schools that are ESSA low performers are the schools that are closed

It should also be noted that San Diego Unified School District has emailed parents about the Governor’s plan both Dec 30 and Jan 6th but neither update provided families a link to the Safe Schools for All website. In fact, one communication linked to a Politico article! We urge the state to ensure all California families are made aware of The Safe Schools for All plan, with translation as needed. There will only be accountability when parents are not left in the dark by their own school district.   

Sending funding to districts without accountability is the reason 1000 more San Diego Unified highschoolers received F-grades this year versus last year, despite taking half the course load (only 3 classes). Distance Learning is literally failing our children. 

SB98 saysa local educational agency shall offer in-person instruction to the greatest extent possibleyet school districts are brazenly flaunting their legal requirement, accepting state funding and remaining shut indefinitely. This must stop and a focus on reopening California schools must be a priority.

It’s time our children return to school – the essential business of childhood.


The Parents of Reopen SDUSD