Public Comment Agenda Item H.4 Early Retirement Incentive- SDUSD Concealed from Public for 2 Months

The early retirement incentive is on the agenda for Tuesday’s Board Meeting. When you look at the MOU’s that are up for vote, you’ll see they were actually signed way back in September.

Why didn’t SDUSD make this incentive public at any of the last 4 meetings?

Specifically, why did SDUSD say NOTHING about this during the October 13th Board Meeting when Acacia Thede, Chief Human Resource Officer, gave the District Personnel Update?

When we talk about SDUSD’s lack of transparency, we are referring to these kinds of actions– regular disregard for public trust. Some glaring information missing from the Public Agenda:

  • What are the actual costs?
  • How did they determine it is cost neutral?
  • How many teacher are leaving and from which schools?
  • How many employees of each category will retire?
  • What is the plan to replace them?
  • What is the timeframe to replace them?

As one might imagine, an early retirement package comes with a cost, yet the district declares the financial impact as “cost neutral.” However, there is no financial analysis accompanying the agenda item.

The Public agenda is also missing a list of employees taking early retirement, should parents want to see if their children’s school will be affected. Instead those names are buried in the Superintendent Consent Agenda under “Ratification of Certificated and Classified Personnel Actions.”

Dec 8th Personnel Actions

November 10th Personnel Actions

It will be interesting to see if the Board asks any questions about these MOU’s. If they don’t we can assume they are incompetent, complacent or perhaps privy to information behind closed-doors that should be made public. After all, the mid-year retirement of teachers is another disruption to students who are already struggling with the upheaval distance learning has brought and you would think it deserves some discussion.