Phase 2 – SDUSD Shame on you! It’s Time to be Honest with Parents.

Remember on December 1st when Parents received an email from Superintendent Marten stating that Phase 2 would be postponed “due to ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19 and the safety of our students, staff and community.”

Would it surprise you to learn that the District hadn’t even presented it’s Phase 2 plan to the Teachers’ Union at that date? Yep, it’s true. SDUSD presented the first pass of its Phase 2 proposal to the Union two days AFTER that announcement. Obviously the district couldn’t open Phase 2 without an agreement with the teachers to teach it.

You can read the District’s proposal here, which goes through Phase 4. This isn’t final. SDEA still needs to review and revise. The next bargaining meeting is December 10th, according SDEA’s website.

Specifically, SDEA notes:

The District’s proposal did not include a specific start date for future phases. The SDEA Bargaining Team will now begin working on a counter proposal that reflects member input gathered through site and program input sessions. While the parties will continue to work together to plan for a possible future reopening, it is at the same time very clear that the status of COVID-19 will not allow for a safe reopening of schools in the near term.

It’s time the district be honest with parents. Why is Phase 2 just now being floated when the district presented this plan back in October? It is a never ending story of SDUSD stringing parents along will no urgency to reopen. Parents – what do you think? Will SDUSD reopen for the 20-21 school year?