Phase 1 – So Few Students It Doesn’t Meet the County’s Litmus Test for “Open”

The chart above shows schools participating in Phase 1. There are more schools, but the graph is based on those with more than 10% of students back on-site. We felt this percentage indicated real effort on the part of school to reach out and serve students. There are only 20 of them.

We also want to name the Elementary schools which did NOT bring any students back for Phase 1:

  • Curie
  • Cabrillo
  • Johnson
  • Birney
  • Normal Heights
  • Nye
  • Oak Park
  • Ocean Beach
  • Ibarra
  • Bird Rock
  • Porter
  • Hardy
  • Hamilton
  • Logan Memorial
  • Florence
  • Sunset View
  • Toler
  • Euclid
  • Valencia Park
  • Dewey
  • Riley-New Dawn
  • Whittier

If your child attends one of these schools, please write to your principal immediately and ask them to please open Phase 1 and copy your Board Member so they are aware.

Riley/New Dawn and Whittier serve students with disabilities exclusively – one of the populations identified in need of support with Phase 1, yet they have brought zero students back. In addition Barnard, Linda Vista, Adams and Paradise Hills had only 1 student. While technically, “school enrichment programs (ASES / ASSETS), childcare programs, individual assessments, and other special services that do not involve a teacher providing instruction to students in the same physical location” should not be listed as hybrid, parents have mentioned that their child was brought in only for assessment and not ongoing services or teacher support.

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This data was taken from the San Diego County Office of Education Dashboard that is updated every 2 weeks.